#Cyberbullying prevention event – Leith Police Station

Bulying is wrong - So how is this different?

Winning entry for the Online Bullying poster
competition, won by Angus Meylan, Primary 7,
St.Mary’s R.C. Primary School, Edinburgh

Lothian and Borders Police are hosting another Internet safety event in Leith as part of an ongoing campaign to tackle cyber bullying.

Safer Neighbourhood Team officers will welcome school children from Edinburgh primary schools to Leith Police Station for a presentation on the “Online Bullying – Don’t Play The Game” initiative.

The seminar targets pupils in Primary 6 and 7 and aims to show the effects online bullying can have on a victim.

Pupils will then discuss what they learned during the initiative and present a short dramatic performance.

Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Edinburgh East MSP Kenny MacAskill will also attend the event and will discuss the issue of cyber bullying with the children after viewing the presentation.

Sergeant Colin Johnston said: “Our initiative has already proved extremely successful and the children who attended took many important lessons away from the presentation and the discussions.

“However, we cannot become complacent in our efforts to raise awareness with youths as to what constitutes inappropriate use of the Internet and other technologies.”

left to right, Lauren Mcdonald Hermitage Park Primary, Jordan Singh Leith Walk Primary, Katherine Dempsie Victoria Primary, and Angus Meylan – the overall winner – St Mary’s RC Primary. All p7 apart from Jordan who is p6. Sgt Colin Johnson.


Mr MacAskill added:

“I welcome this initiative by Lothian & Borders Police. We all have a part to play in keeping children safe and this is a perfect example of the good work being done locally to tackle cyber bullying.

“We want children to use the Internet safely, and to strike a balance between learning and knowing what is not acceptable whilst online.

“I congratulate officers at Leith Police Station for the excellent work”